Portal User Guide

The EPFL internship portal helps companies post their internship proposals and receive student applications.

The company can have one or more access accounts. Each account is linked to a name and email address, which are not disclosed to students. Notifications of new applications are sent to the specified email address when the account is created.

Link to the portal

For technical reasons, it is better to use Firefox and to enter text directly on the portal or import them from a basic text editor (Textedit or Notepad – avoid Word if possible). Unfortunately some corporate proxies prevent the gateway from function correctly.

The following guide provides helpful information on the main functions of the portal:


1. Creating an account

Connect to


Select English to translate the page.
Click on “Please create a new account”.


Once the application is submitted, a password is sent to the email address you provided. The password can be changed later.

Using the password, the user can log in and add the company’s details. Be sure to specify the location of the company’s headquarters.


Please continue by filling out the contact person’s information. These contact details will not be visible to the students.


Tick the box “No email” if you do not wish to receive the two annual emails (usually sent in late August and late January).


2. Accessing an existing account

Connect to

Enter the email address used for the creation of the account and the password received in the account confirmation email.


On the following page, click on “Internship Management” to post internship proposals or access student applications.


3. Advertising an internship proposal

Click on the tab “Internship Management” and select “Add an internship” on the right.


The following page will open.

Step 1/5: Title

Title: Use a clear and descriptive title. This will help students search through the complete list of internships available.

Models: A master’s project and an internship have different characteristics, which are explained here in the Calendar and Conditions menu.

If the company is open to both models, it is worth checking both boxes so to not restrict the choice. For a master’s project, the student will find an EPFL professor to oversee their work. The proposed subject may have to be slightly modified to fit the master’s project’s criteria.

Periods: the students are mainly available during three periodes according to the academic calendar. 4-6 month’s internships or master projects can take place between February and September and between July and February next year. Short internships take usually place during the summer break. The exact dates for the work within these periodes are defined by the company. The company selects the periods suitable for the work when posting the job ad.

The Calendar and Conditions menu gives more details about the student availability periods according to the master.

The internship post will automatically be archived once the periods have passed.

Duration: an internship can be a minimum of eight weeks (short internships generally during summer) up to 4-6 months (long internships). The duration is 17 to 25 weeks for a master’s project at a company.

The chart in the Calendar and Conditions menu presents the models chosen according to the masters. If the company is open to several models and several masters, it is worth specifying “2 to 6 months”. If only long periods are of interest, mention “4 to 6 months”.

Renewable: the box “Renewable” means that the same advertisement can be published every year.

Step 2/5: Description


Description: a short description (a few lines) is required. This description allows the EPFL internship coordinators to validate the topic and to publish it to students. Students will also gain a better understanding of the position and modify their application accordingly. Should you copy-paste the description from an existing document, please use a basic text editor (type notepad) to avoid coding problems from Word.

The other fields are optional.

Objectives: fill out the description field.

Knowledge/Skills required: Please specify the language required for the internship. The EPFL has many non-French speaking international students. If fluent French is necessary, please specify it to avoid receiving incompatible applications. In addition, please specify here if you would only like to receive applications written in English.

Activity type: optional drop-down menu.

Offered exclusively to EPFL students: Please tick this box if the internship proposal is only available on the EPFL portal.

Assignment location: This field is important to fill in, especially if the internship in not located at the company’s address on the proposal.

Monthly living allowance / Other benefits and/or compensations: if salary information cannot be disclosed at this stage, the field can be left blank or marked as “to be defined”. Please note that in Switzerland there are established salary ranges for master students. However, master’s projects at a company can be unpaid. The menu Calendar and Conditions provides more information.

Remark / Internal remark (by company): note that the field «Internal remark» cannot be seen by students but is visible to EPFL internship coordinators.

Image / File: additional documents can be attached. We recommend however the field “Description” to be appropriately completed.

Step 3/5: Masters and Domains of activity
Select the master’s programs of interest. Only the internship coordinators for these programmes will be notified of the internship proposal. If the topic is validated, it will be published to relevant students.

To ensure the best match between the student’s profile and the company’s request, the EPFL may post the internship proposal to other masters than those originally selected by the company.

The skill sets of each master’s program can be found under Student’s Skills.


 Step 4/5: Supervision

If the future supervisor’s is known, his/her contact information can be specified. The supervisor will then be informed by email of incoming applications (along with the account holder).

Tick “Show the supervisor’s contact information to students” if you wish the supervisor’s contact information to be visible to the students. However, the account holders information will not visible.  

Checking the box “Same as main contact” simply means that the supervisors contact information cannot be communicated at that stage.


Step 5/5: Internship registration

After having accepted the terms and conditions click submit. After submitting you will no longer be able to edit the internships offer. For further modifications contact: internships@epfl.ch.



General conditions of internships

The internship can be found in the internship list with the sign t. Once the sign appears like rthe internship has been validated by the EPFL and is now visible to students.




4. Removing an internship proposal

Internships proposals can be removed from the list available to students by editing the internship and selecting on the right menu “Remove ad”. Beforehand, all student application status must be updated to “Refused”.

Internship proposals are automatically removed when a student has been accepted for this internship or when the time span to start the internship has expired.

Removed internship proposals will be marked with a green star sign in the last column (status Full). It means that students can no longer see the proposal, even if it is still visible in the company’s view, for archive purposes.


5. Modifying an internship proposal

A internship proposal, which has been already published to students, cannot be modified by the company. Modifications must be asked for by sending an email to stages@epfl.ch. However, it is possible to copy the internship and edit it again. A new internship (having a new number) will then be created with a new title copy_old_title but containing the same information than the previous one. The company can edit this new internship and send it to EPFL again for publication.

To duplicate an existing internship, click on the menu actions “Duplicate”. You can now edit the internship proposal (e.g. postpone the starting date or change the subject).



6. Looking at student’s applications

The company is notified by email of the arrival of new applications. The email is sent to the account holder (and supervisor if specified).

The account holder can login and see the list of students who have applied to the internship. The status “transmitted to the company” is a confirmation for the student that the application has been forwarded to the company.


Click on , to get the application documents (CV, letter of motivation, …). The student’s status will then change to  “Selection in process” to inform the student that the company has accessed his/her files.

The company can get in touch directly with the students and proceed with its usual recruitment process.


At the end of the recruitment process, the company should indicate which student has been hired (click “Accept”) and which students were not selected (click “Refuse”).

The student’s status will change to “Selected” or to “Refused”. In addition, the student will receive an email informing him/her about the company’s final decision. The EPFL will also receive this email.



7. Changing the password and the language

Click on «Settings»w at the top right of the page to change the password or the language (French or English).