“The great challenge in education is to get experience out of ideas.”

   Patrick Salamin, Sr Research Engineer, Logitech Inc, Lausanne
Logitech welcomes EPFL students for Master thesis or 6-month internships. This experience gives them the opportunity to gain a broad and rich work experience. During their time at Logitech, students:

  • develop the skills expected of an engineer in the industry,
  • gain hands-on experience on cutting edge technologies,
  • develop new technologies in concert with our research department,
  • develop product concepts as part of our innovation activities.


From Logitech’s perspective, internships are a great opportunity to:

  • accelerate the acquisition of new technologies,
  • bring a fresh and novel perspective on product engineering,
  • train potential recruits. 
  Stephan Lampart, Senior Vice President Human Resources, Open Systems, Zürich
Open Systems has supervised internships and Master Theses with EPFL students for several years. We are extremely well supported by the responsible people from the EPFL internship program to get excellent students who match with their technical knowledge, their social skills and their language capabilities. It is a pleasure to work with the motivated and very efficient EPFL students. Their output is of high quality and most of their work has been released into our productive systems.
  Flavia Donno, Head of Records Management Solution, Credit Suisse, Lausanne
Very good students, very focused and with great ideas! Our business customers are delighted with the results and excited to continue this experience with EPFL. The scores achieved by the students so far are among the highest. – Thank you for such a great support and successful collaboration!

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       Jad Khalife, Communication Systems
I am currently doing my master’s thesis internship at Qualcomm Research in San Diego, California. Working for a leader in wireless communication industry and collaborating closely with a team of experts greatly enhanced my technical skills and exposed me to technical research in industry. The internship has also been an opportunity to interact with interns from US universities and discover the American culture and lifestyle.
  Dimitrije Pesic, Computer Science
Internship and master project at Novartis Pharma AG within Modeling & Simulation department for the last one year was a very rewarding and interesting experience. It enabled me to explore my interests in applying computer science to support scientific research in the fields of biology and medicine, and learn a lot along the way. I enjoyed very much my time in the group as I was able to work on a real industrial project with very competent and motivated people, and be included in many different business and social activities and events across the organization, which made me feel as a real part of the team.